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Two large quarters of complex building will appear on the northeast of saint Petersburg. As "RBC of daily" reports, investments in projects will demand the more than milliard of dollars. Developer is a corporation "строймонтаж" — offers the new for a city format of the Asiatic quarters, supposing building of large infrastructure and in relation to inexpensive height habitation above it.

According to the president of corporation "строймонтаж" Arthur Kirilenko, the first object of complex building will be become by a 100-meter structure not far away from "Okhta of center" in the Republican street, 22. On an area by an area three hectares the 100 thousand square meters of habitation of class will be built "steward plus". The height of complex will make 35 floors. The volume of investments in a project will exceed 250 million dollars.

A few dwellings corps will be incorporated a single socle in a few floors. Building is equipped the underground parking. Infrastructural objects will take a place in a socle. Building will begin in a current year and completed in four years.

The second project, supposing building 400 thousand square meters of habitation, will be started to the end of year in the Kalininskom district of saint Petersburg. On information of edition, investments in building will make about 900 million dollars. In opinion of director general of company "MTL. Exploitation of the real estate" of Dmitry Khanzhina, maintenance of such quarter, will be on 10—15 percents cheaper, than separately standings objects of comparable area.

GK "строймонтаж" founded in 1994 in saint Petersburg. Presently at the market of city a company will realize ten projects of ekonom-klassa and six projects of biznes- and elit-klassa. The combined brief-case of projects is now estimated in 1,2 milliard of dollars.

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